Suggested Classroom Activities

Below are some suggested projects to help students learn about the Anti-Saloon League and its methods.

  1. Find three editorial cartoons about a current controversial issue.
  2. Write an essay telling why you feel editorial cartoons are or are not persuasive.
  3. Write a report on a current organization that has tackled a moral and/or health related issue - How do they compare to the Anti-Saloon League in its methods of influencing the public?
  4. Write your own newspaper front page about a current social issue using the style of the American Issue.
  5. Draw your own poster with an appeal to emotion on a current issue and/or on the same issue appealing to intellect.
  6. Write a report on one leader of the Anti-Saloon League.
  7. Write an essay exploring the traits that the leaders of the Anti-Saloon League had in common. Why do you think these traits lead them into this movement?
  8. Design your own flier that persuades people not to smoke or drink.
  9. Write an essay exploring why you feel the Anti-Saloon League could or could not be successful today.
  10. Research and write your own report on a group which is battling alcohol or drug abuse in our society today.
  11. Design a cartoon which depicts how you feel about alcohol or drug abuse in our society today.
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