Published between 1925 and 1930, the Standard Encyclopedia of the Alcohol Problem was a joint effort of temperance groups sponsored and organized by the Anti-Saloon League. Ernest Cherrington was editor-in-chief. Albert Porter was brought over from England by the League to serve as managing editor.

Entries in the encyclopedia discussed a wide range of topics with information collected from all over the world. Topics ranged from communion wine to whiskey production.

Every state in the United States had an entry which began with a brief description and general history of the state and then at length told the temperance history of the state. For example, this is the entry for Ohio.

Countries from throughout the world were given the same treatment. For example, this is the entry for China.

Biographical data on temperance leaders and temperance movements from all the over the world was given space in the six-volume set. The finished work was distributed free of charge to schools and college libraries. It was also marketed through a printed brochure.

A Selection of Encyclopedia Entries

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