Propaganda & Printed Materials

The American Issue Publishing Company produced a great volume and variety of printed material for use in the campaigns of the Anti-Saloon League. The 1909 state-of-the-art printing facility produced tons of newspapers, magazines, books and fliers for distribution around the country and around the world.

Ernest Cherrington, manager of the American Issue Publishing Company, said of this massive publishing effort, "From this central publishing house there is to sweep a flood of anti-liquor literature, which with increasing volume and power will continue until by persistent application and by the constantly wearing away process, the stone of liquor domination which for so long has obstructed the highway of progress shall have been forever gathered in powdered dust into the urn of history."

Many types of publications were produced, including the following.


Over 300 cartoons were published in The American Issue to illustrate the goals of the campaign. View examples.


The Standard Encyclopedia of the Alcohol Problem was published between 1925 and 1930. Entries ranged from communion wine to whiskey production. Read excerpts.


To influence as many people as possible, the League distributed fliers that used appeals to intellect and emotion. View examples.


There were four different newspapers and journals that carried the League's message to the U.S. public. Learn more.

Songs, Stories and Dramas

Stories for young people, debates held for adult audiences, songs to be sung at anti-alcohol rallies were all used to further the cause. Read examples.


This annual publication tracked the temperance movement's progress year to year. View excerpts.


More examples and excerpts can be found in the archives at the Anti-Saloon League Museum. Visit us.

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