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About the Board

The Board of Trustees shall have all of the powers granted to it by law and shall, in open meeting, determine and establish, in accordance with law, the basic policies of the library with respect to:

  • The appropriation and budgeting of funds; 
  • The establishment and maintenance of libraries and library services;
  • The acquisition, improvement, maintenance, insurance, use and disposition of properties;
  • The hiring, compensation and responsibilities of, and the personnel practices concerning librarians and other employees;
  • The selection, collection, lending and disposition of books and other library materials; and:
  • The acceptance of gifts.

For more information, please see the following sections of the Ohio Revised Code:

Current Members

Members of the Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of Education of the Westerville School District in accordance with the provisions of Section 3375.15 of the Ohio Revised Code. A trustee shall not serve more than one full seven-year term unless otherwise determined by the Board of Education of the Westerville School District.

Agenda & Meetings

The Board shall hold an organizational meeting in January of each year, at a time and place agreed upon by a majority of the members. At the annual meeting, the Board shall elect its Officers, appoint its Clerk/Treasurer and fix the bond thereof, fix the time and place for its regular monthly meeting, and conduct such other business of an organizational nature as may come before the board. The regular meetings shall be held each month, the date and hour to be set by the Board at its annual meeting.


Board committees of one or more members each may be appointed from time to time by the President or by Board action.  These committees may be temporary [Ad Hoc] committees to examine specific issues or concerns, or they may be on-going [Standing] committees for continuing purposes or projects of the Board. 

Human Resources

The responsibilities of the Human Resources Committee will include but not be limited to: conducting the Director's Annual Performance Appraisal and interviewing candidates for the position of Trustee.

  • Jack Shinnock, Chair
  • Deanna McDaniel
  • Karen Scholl

Finance & Facilities

The responsibilities of the Finance and Facilities Committee will include but not be limited to overseeing and reviewing the budget, performing cost analysis on proposals submitted by the Director and making recommendations to the board on these proposals.

  • Michael Fultz, Chair
  • Melissa Hodek
  • Jack Shinnock


The role of the Technology Committee is to review and provide preliminary approval of all major technology projects, but the board must ultimately approve all projects.  The Technology Committee shall be composed of three members of the Library Board of Trustees, Library Director, Deputy Director and the Manager of Support Services. The chair shall be selected by the Library Board of Trustees among the three members of the Board at the January organizational meeting.

  • Deanna McDaniel, Chair
  • Mary Lightbody
  • Michael Fultz

Marketing & Library Services

The responsibilities of the Marketing Committee shall include but not be limited to coordinating and reviewing Library Services, overseeing the long range plan, developing marketing strategies and coordinating those strategies with the Library Foundation, the Friends of the Library and any other organization whose main interest is promoting the library.

  • Karen Scholl, Chair
  • Melissa Hodek
  • Joshua Platt

Records Retention

A Records Retention Committee shall be composed of the Clerk/Treasurer, Director and Library Board President and shall meet in September each year for the purpose of records to be disposed. The Clerk/Treasurer shall prepare the list of records to be disposed and present the report to the Board of Trustees at the October meeting for approval. A file maintained by the Clerk/Treasurer will serve as the official record of all actions taken by the Records Commission. The file shall contain all disposal lists and approvals. The file shall be an official record of the Library Board of Trustees and permanently maintained.

  • Joshua Platt
  • Don Barlow
  • Dan Griscom

Westerville Library Foundation representatives

  • Mary Lightbody
  • Joshua Platt
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