FAQ for Westerville Cloud Library

Why am I having trouble downloading or checking out books?

It is possible that you are not running on the most recent version of the software. Download the newest version

Which Adobe ID option should I choose? 

If you have already installed the OverDrive software for ebooks, the 3M Cloud software or app will prompt you to choose between two options. Choose the one that is listed as recommended. (Note: If installing the app on a tablet, such as an iPad, you will not be prompted with an option; the system will choose the appropriate option for you.)

Why can't I install the 3M software?

Try disabling your anti-virus software and then continue with installation.

Why doesn't my book appear on my device?

If you unplugged your device before ejecting it properly via your task bar, you may not be able to access your ebook. Try transferring the ebook again.

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