Am I eligible for an educator card?

Any educator who lives or works in the Westerville School District is eligible for an educator card. This includes K-12 classroom teachers in public and private schools, daycare center teachers and home schoolers.

To apply for an educator card, you will need to appear in person at the library with the following items:

  • Photo ID (e.g., a driver's license).
  • Proof of current address. (Proof can consist of a piece of mail addressed to the applicant, a checkbook or a car insurance card.)
  • Proof of educator status in the form of a current paycheck stub from your place of employment or a copy of your current Home Education Notification form.


The educator card, with its special advantages, is designed to help educators who live or work in the Westerville School District make full use of the library's resources.

  • Can check out as many items for which you want to be responsible.*
  • Pay no overdue fines. (Payment is required for lost or damaged items, but no processing fee is charged.)*
  • May check out items, except movies, for double the loan period.*
  • Can renew all items four times. (Renewal is unavailable if the item is reserved for another customer.)
  • Personal library card and educator card accounts are totally separate.

*Exceptions include items borrowed from OhioLINK or SearchOhio as well as items checked out through the Ohio Digital Library. Loan rules and fines are the same for educators as all other patrons for these items.


Use of card will be blocked if any item is 40 or more days overdue. If an item becomes 55 or more days overdue, the educator's account will be sent to a collection agency, as would any other customer's, and a $10 collection agency fee will be charged.

An educator card will need to be renewed on a yearly basis. When the card expires, a staff member will verify the educator's account information and edit the expiration date of the card to extend it for another year.

Teacher Checkout

If you are a teacher but you don't yet qualify for an educator card, ask us about the teacher checkout option. This privilege may allow you to double the loan period on all items except for movies.

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