Overdue Fines Reduced to Increase Access

Beginning March 15, 2017, the Westerville Public Library is excited to announce that overdue fines and fees will accrue at a reduced rate.

The new rates below are per item, per day. 

Most items

Items borrowed from other libraries
Kits (Early Literacy & Science)
Wi-Fi Hotspots

In addition, you can continue to check out and renew items for fines accrued up to a maximum of $10.00. 

If your library card account has a fines balance, you are no longer prevented from using the library's computer labs, checking out electronic materials such as ebooks, or accessing the library's online subscriptions and databases. 


Why did the library make this change? 
It has been several years since our fine rates were last updated. We are now able to decrease fines to provide our customers with more access to the library's collections and services.  
What about my existing fines?
All fines accrued prior to March 15, 2017 will remain on your account until paid and are subject to the previous fine rates.
To reduce your existing fines, consider participating in our upcoming Food for Fines event during National Library Week, April 10-April 15, 2017. Learn more.
Why isn't the library eliminating all fines?
Similar to area libraries who have made the decision to eliminate fines, we are analyzing our budget and circulation data to determine what will work best for the library and our customers in the long term and will continue to consider possibilities for the future.
Are there more changes coming?
Possibly, but further changes have not yet been determined. 
If you decrease fines, how will you get materials back?
Libraries who have made similar changes have found that the fine rate does not have a meaningful impact on when materials are returned. To ensure that customers return materials for others to enjoy without significant financial burden, we have implemented other incentives, such as adjusting when an overdue item is billed to the customer, blocking customers with overdue fines exceeding $10 from checking out or renewing items until items are returned and fines are paid down, and limiting the number of items that can be checked out at one time. 
What about personal responsibility?
The library still requires that our customers return items on time and in good shape so that the entire community will benefit. These changes will make it easier to be responsible without significant financial burden. 
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