School Deliveries via Library Link

Important Dates for Winter Break

  • December 11: Last day to reserve items for delivery to the schools.
  • December 18: Last day that items will be delivered to the schools.
  • December 19: Last day that returned items will be picked up from the schools.
  • December 30: First day to reserve items for delivery to the schools.
  • January 5: First day of deliveries to the schools.

How It Works

  • Deliveries of library materials are made to Westerville City School District participating schools.
  • Deliveries and pickups are made every weekday during school hours.*
  • Students, faculty and staff can receive library materials, except for art prints, as dictated by our library policies.
  • All Westerville Library materials can also be returned through Library Link.

*For possible exceptions, please see our Events calendar.

The Rules

In order to receive materials for pickup at your school, you must apply for a Westerville Library card. Please see your school librarian or office staff for an application, or come into the library with your parent or guardian. Once you have been issued a library card, place reserves for materials as usual, choosing your school as the Pickup Location when requested.

Items requested through Library Link will be available at the school’s designated location for one week, including delivery day. You can find due dates for items by logging in to your online account.

Items will not be delivered to a school upon request in the following instances:

  • If your library account has a fine over $5. (The block from checking out additional items will be removed when your fines are paid down to $5.00 or less.)
  • If you have requested items after filling out our online library card application, but have not yet come in to the library with your parent or guardian.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact our Library Link representative at 614-882-7277 x2115, via Facebook or email at

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