Get Involved

Check out these ideas for things you can do to help your community.

  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood, school or at a local park.
  • Rake leaves, mow the lawn or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor.
  • Make sandwiches or goodies for a shelter.
  • Read to or with a student at a local elementary school.
  • Tutor a classmate or younger student.
  • Volunteer to work at school events.
  • Work a neighborhood event or party. 
  • Deliver your neighborhood organization newsletter.
  • Help at your church events.
  • Babysit for free.
  • Write letters of appreciation or send cards to service men and women.
  • Make treats for local police/fire fighters to thank them for their service.
  • Organize a book drive.
  • Throw a party and request that your guests provide a non-perishable item for admission. Donate the items to a local food bank.

General Volunteer Opportunities

Browse these websites for volunteer opportunities.

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        Volunteer Opportunities with Nature

        Browse websites for volunteer opportunities in the environmental or science-related fields.

          Volunteer Opportunities for Health-Related Organizations

          Browse websites for health-related volunteer opportunities.

            Volunteer Opportunities with Senior Citizens

            Browse websites for volunteer opportunities working with seniors.

              Volunteer Opportunities for Special Events

              Browse websites for upcoming one-time volunteer opportunities..
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