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Traveling in Asia with Erin O'Neil
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Meeting Room B (Event)
Journey from China to Cambodia with digital storyteller and traveler, Erin O'Neil, as she recounts her solo-trek through Asia. Hear the comedic tales of navigating grocery stores, banks, and public transportation using only charades and Google translate. See how unpredictable challenges impacted her global perspective, and identify some of the key traits of an immersive travel experience.
Fill your heart with wanderlust with these lessons in impermanence, trust, patience, vulnerability and love.
About the Presenter
Erin O'Neil found herself as a young woman stuck in China, unemployed, and
only $2,000 in her savings account. From there, she set out on an international
adventure that would change her life forever.
A digital storyteller and traveler with a passion for human connection and experience-based learning, she has crossed off more than 20 countries from her list. Learn more.
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