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The Lost Gettysburg Address
Time: 7pm - 8:45pm
Location: Combined Meeting Room (Event)
Discover the story of two forgotten orators who shared the stage with Abraham Lincoln at the famous Gettysburg dedication from the author of The Lost Gettysburg Address, David Dixon. Recently uncovered at a Wyoming ranch, the day's concluding speech was led by slave owner Charles Anderson who risked everything to help save the Union.
Book signing and sale to follow.
About the Author
David Dixon earned his M.A. in history from the University of Massachusetts in 2003. He has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and magazines. Most focus on black history and on Union sympathizers in the Civil War South. His short biography of U.S. and Confederate congressman Augustus R. Wright appeared in The Georgia Historical Quarterly in 2010. He remains intrigued by the problem of defining "loyalty" in the context of civil war. David Dixon hosts "B-List History," a website celebrating obscure characters and their amazing stories.

His interest in Civil War allegiance led David to the fascinating life story of Charles Anderson, a slaveholder who sacrificed everything to save the Union. When he learned that Anderson's long-lost oration that followed Lincoln's address at Gettysburg had been uncovered in a remote part of Wyoming, Dixon knew that he had a compelling story worthy of a book-length project. For the past several years, the author has been retracing Anderson's incredible odyssey through some of the most dramatic events of the period. In his digging, he made an exciting discovery of his own: some early drafts of Anderson's Gettysburg speech are still in private hands. Despite the innumerable books and articles on Lincoln's iconic address, fresh surprises still await the diligent and curious researcher.
David's book explains how Anderson, a slave owner, ended up sharing the spotlight with Lincoln at Gettysburg in November, 1863. Learn more.
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