India Corner

Browse this collection of nearly 100 books about Indian culture. Topics include: Indian history, polity, economy, culture, architecture, foreign policy, and classics.

About the Collection

Our community has a passion for promoting understanding and connection among people from diverse backgrounds. This collection will help inspire conversations about Indian culture and encourage a sense of shared humanity. Donated by the Consulate General of India in partnership with the Federation of Indian Associations in February 2020.

Pictured here from left to right: Niraj J. Antani (Ohio State Representative, District 42), Jessica Curtis (Adult Services Librarian, Westerville Public Library), Sandeep Chakravorty (Consul General of India). Erin Francoeur (Executive Director, Westerville Public Library), Heather Creed (Board President, Westerville Public Library), Mandy Knapp (Adult Services Manager, Westerville Public Library), Ramakrishna Kasarla (Chairman, Federation of Indian Associations)

At the ribbon cutting ceremony held on February 21, the Consul General of India - Sandeep Chakravorty - shared about his interest in strengthening relationships and exploring opportunities for collaboration between the United States and India through access to information and literature. His hope is that this collection helps create "positive vibrations" and provides a welcoming space for Indians visiting or living in the United States.

The Westerville Public Library is the second public library to provide access to an India Corner collection. Topics include: Indian history, polity, economy, culture, architecture, foreign policy, and classics. 

"These books are a tangible reminder of the library's mission to create a bridge to opportunity through open access to information, inspiration, and understanding," said Erin Francoeur, Executive Director of the Westerville Public Library.

With the help of chairman Ramakrishna Kasarla, the library is also working with the Federation of Indian Associations to provide information about the 2020 Census, and will be hosting a booth at the India Festival in August 2020. 

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