Is this item available to check out?

When searching for an item, you may be unsure whether it is available for you to check out.

An item's status may show as one of the following:

On the shelf. Can be reserved or checked out.*

Was not returned within 40 days of its due date.

In Transit
On its way from one library to another.

Lost. Will remove it from the catalog in 40 days.

You must view this item within the library.

Checked out to a customer from another library.

On Holdshelf
Reserved for a customer.**

Recently Returned
Has been checked in and may be on a cart awaiting reshelving.

*Please note that this is not a guarantee that we will be able to locate the item. It may be missing or misshelved.

**If not checked out within 4 days, it will move on to the next person in line or placed back on the shelves.

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