Library closes to pay respects, honor kindness of fallen officers

Westerville, OH – Officers Joering and Morelli lost their lives in an act of true kindness, coming to the aid of a person in need. On Friday, February 16, 2018, the Westerville Public Library will be closed to honor the memory of our fallen friends and to carry on their tradition of kindness.

As our community neighbor and protector, the Westerville Division of Police is an important part of our library family. Officer Anthony Morelli worked special duty as a security monitor at the library for over 20 years. He often said that police officers meet people on their worst days and working at the library gave him the opportunity to get to know people on their better days. He took care to learn the names of not only the library staff but their families and loved ones, and he showed great pride when sharing stories of his own family. With a warm smile and calm demeanor, he made every visit to the library a pleasant experience.

In a message to staff, Executive Director Erin Francoeur writes, “Westerville is going through a time of tremendous sadness and loss. Let us remember and build on the strength and kindness that defined the character of these men.”

With the library closed, all staff will have the opportunity to attend funeral services or simply cherish some extra time with loved ones.

Last updated: 2/13/2018

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