Francis Scott McBride

Born in Carroll County, Ohio on July 29, 1872, Francis Scott McBride was educated at Muskingum College and Allegheny Theological Seminary. In 1901, he was ordained as a Presbyterian minister. While serving as a pastor, he engaged in temperance activities and served on the Pennsylvania state board of directors of the Anti-Saloon League.

A portrait of Francis Scott McBride.
A portrait of Francis Scott McBride.

In 1911, McBride went to work full time for the League of Illinois. The following year, he became assistant superintendent and then superintendent. He held that post for twelve years until, with the help of Wayne Wheeler, he took Purley Baker's place as national superintendent in 1924, as described in this pamphlet.

Through the remainder of that decade and the 1930's and 1940's, he remained national superintendent as the organization struggled with the downfall of national prohibition. He died in 1955.

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