Getting the Word Out

The Power of the Written Word

From the very beginning of the League in Ohio, the leaders communicated with the public through the printed word. This continued as the League grew and became national. The first periodical published in 1893 was called The Anti-Saloon. In 1896 The American Issue appeared in Ohio. In 1907 it became the national voice of the League with headquarters in Chicago.

By 1909, with demands for printed material escalating, the American Issue Publishing Company headquarters was moved to Westerville, Ohio. From this printing headquarters, a river of 40 tons of anti-alcohol material poured every month. Ernest H. Cherrington became the general-manager of publishing interests of the Anti-Saloon League of America and editor-in-chief of all publications of the League.

Lincoln Memorial Planned for Westerville

The League had grandiose plans for its Westerville site. The leaders were going to build an elaborate Lincoln Memorial which would house their temperance library. A grand celebration and ground-breaking took place but the planned building never was erected.

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Major Funding Sources Are Established

The finances of the League improved through the early years of the 20th century. It was able to attract some wealthy patrons - John D. Rockefeller and Sebastian Kresge. Prominent community leaders, including governors, mayors and police chiefs, express their support for the cause.

Testimonials from Prominent Community Leaders

Testimonials from Prominent Community Leaders
Testimonials from prominent community leaders.

By the Ohio League's second year of operation in 1894, John D. Rockefeller and Howard Hyde Russell had established a relationship that led to many donations through the years. However, the bulk of the League's financial support came from the pledges of money subscribed to by the rank and file members from its base of support in the churches.

Proof of support from prominent community leaders
Proof of support from prominent community leaders. Read the full pamphlet.

Note: A hard copy of this pamphlet can be found at the Anti-Saloon League Museum: ID Number: Memo.

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