Big Changes Have Arrived

Checkout and Return More Efficient

An exciting new technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been installed at the library. This new system is more efficient, secure, acccurate and flexible. Benefits include the ability to check out multiple items at once, to immediately check in and automatically sort returns, to prevent theft, and to easily locate and inventory items on the shelf.

You may have noticed recently that tags have been placed in all library items. This means that you don’t need to scan a barcode anymore. Simply place an item, or a group of items, on the pad of the self-checkout machine and it will sense the tag.

This white, square sticker is an RFID tag.

Also, new equipment has been installed at the Front Desk and in the Customer Services office to enable the accurate and speedy return of library materials.

When you push an item through the return slot, it is automatically checked in. 

For your convenience, you will be automatically alerted if the item you are returning is not owned by our library or is missing a disc. In addition, you can print a receipt of all the items you returned.

With these new tools, you'll spend less time managing your library card account and more time enjoying all that the library has to offer. 

Parking Lot Has Expanded

Located behind the library, the new parking lot with 60+ extra spaces opened to the public on August 26, 2016.

View of the new parking lot, facing towards the library.

We are thankful to the City of Westerville for creating this space for Uptown visitors and look forward to the return of the playground, currently in the design phase and planned for installation in Hanby Park on the other side of the Legacy Train Depot. Learn more.

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